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You are one step away from making your products with

biodegradable plastic


Palsgaard's Einar it’s a product from vegetable origin ideal for applications with food contact.

Increases productivity

Compatible with all plastics

Reduces production costs

Reduces cycles

Improves product appearance

Amides and amines free

Doesn't require additional equipment.

Improved dispersion

Eco One it’s a compound in masterbatch form that allows plastic to biodegrade anaerobically when his useful life ends. Plastics with Eco One can be reused and recycled because they won’t degrade in oxygen presence, and with that we give an ecological insurance to the plastic.

Allows plastic to be biodegradable respecting it’s quality to be a 100% recyclable

Doesn't affect recycle cycles

Endorsed by the IPN.

It biodegrades totally in 1 to 5 years

It only acts in anaerobic environments

Life cycle is the same as any other plastic

Doesn't affect storage times

It only biodegrades in the trash

Nanomaster is a product that improves the plastic properties without affecting the characteristics of design and process, even with recycled materials.

Mechanical strength increase

Synergy with flame retardants

Heat deflection temperature (HDT) increase


barrier for humidity and oxygen

Strengthening UV properties


Strengthening VCI properties

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