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You are one step away from making your products with

biodegradable plastic


Palsgaard's Einar it’s a product from vegetable origin ideal for applications with food contact.

Increases productivity

Compatible with all plastics

Reduces production costs

Reduces cycles

Improves product appearance

Amides and amines free

Doesn't require additional equipment.

Improved dispersion

Doesn't require additional equipment.


Einar 201 it’s a vegetable origin additive that will undoubtedly improve your production processes, with multiple benefits in a single material applicable to all your products.

With your help we can increase the plant productivity, reduce the electric energy consumption, increase the use of recycled products, generate savings and improve your product’s appearance.

Allow us to do a test in your facilities, with your materials and machines with the Einar additive and the help of our experts. With that we will achieve:

Increase the machine's productivity

Reduce the process temperature

Reduce the motors amperage

Reduce the cycle time and dead times

Increase the use of recycled materials


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