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biodegradable plastic


GEA BIODEGRADABLES, S. DE R.L. DE C.V., it’s a company dedicated to offer services, advisory and products focused in the use and fabrication of plastic, with the compromise of contributing to improve the environment and the human feeding, considering the context.


We are a company of innovation and development of new technologies in the plastic industry with more than 40 years of experience in recycle, extrusion, injection, rotomolding, ecology, and more. Our compromise is to produce and commercialize products and solutions that give to our clients added value, that reduces costs and innovate in technology introducing nanotechnology in their products, and simultaneously, harmonize and favor the ecologic and sustainable processes in Mexico.


Offer products, services and advisory searching for innovation and added value for our clients in ecology, sustainability and human well-being, with the purpose of sharing a generation of product with high quality standards for the conservation and care of the environment.


  • When being a company committed to the environment, sustainable development and human well-being, we look forward in a short term, with help from our collaborators, clients and any other interested parts, to contribute a solution to the world via new technologies, offering products focused in the use and fabrication of plastic, ecological development and the human feeding.


  • Ecological responsibility
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Compromise with our clients
  • Interest for the well-being and development of our employees
  • Training

Ecological Insurance

Prolong the life cycle of the plastic products.

Promote the development of reusable and recyclable products. Recycle plastic materials as technically and functionally possible.

At the end of the life cycle of plastic, accelerate the biodegradation time (less than 5 years) of those products that reach landfills, garbage dumps, reintegrating them into nature with the latest anaerobic technology.

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