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We are a company that innovates and develops technologies for the plastic industry. Our goal is to produce, commercialize and find solutions for our clients. We use nanotechnologies that add value to your plastic products, reduce costs and work in favor of ecological processes that are sustainable for Mexico.

Watch our video and discover more about GEA BIODEGRADABLES

Experts in innovating and developing new ecological and sustainable technologies in the plastic industry.

Turn your plastic products into ecological products

Containers with shared and extended responsibility

We help your products become part of the ecological process. Either by recycling it or reintegrating it into nature.

We make your product ecological

Our additive keeps the plastic's recyclability properties but at the same time, once your product is disposed, it will reintegrate into the soil in an accelerated way.

Promote recycling

We help you promote and increase the use of recycled material in your products.

Reintegrate into nature

We make your plastic products reintegrate into nature by natural methods.

Ecological Insurance

Longer life span for your plastic products.

Promote the development of recyclable and reusable products.

Recycle plastic materials that are technically and functionally possible.

When the plastic product's life has come to an end, accelerate it's biodegration with top anaerobic technology (less than 5 years once they have reached the landfill).

Product cycle with Ecological Insurance

We make any plastic presentation ecofriendly

Utilitarian plastics

Automotive plastics

Home plastics

Product plastics


We have a wide variety of products that help improving

the plastic quality, promote recycle and increase the quality

of the material that’s going to be recycled and make it

environmentally friendly.


Av Constituyentes 908,

Lomas Altas, Miguel Hidalgo,

11950, CDMX, México.

Phone. 55 3098 6100


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